My name is Stephen. I live in San Francisco. I bake bread.

Here I type about bread, life and myself.

It seems a little cart-before-the-horse to write this page before there’s anything else on the site. There are vague ideas of what this site could contain, but what it actually ends up being will reveal itself in the writing of it. [Insert bread/editing “proofing” joke here.] No clever description is a substitute for the work of creating and reflecting and baking and typing. Loaf by loaf, word by word, week after week.

“Writing” feels as if it’s too big of a word. I prefer “typing” because it’s objective and less fraught with judgement. You’ve either typed, or you haven’t. It’s an act of fingers hitting keys, not necessarily an embodiment of elegance and wit. Typing is a promise I can keep.

“Practice” is intended in both senses of the word. First and foremost, it’s a simple set of a repeated actions with a goal of getting better at those specific skills. A rehearsal, if you will. Then there’s the more mystical (dare I say spiritual?) connotation: a disciplined ritual undertaken to bring about a transformation and deeper connection beyond the specific actions taken. Without intending it to be, baking bread has become a (mostly) weekly practice and something that I want to practice for the sake of improvement.

When I’m not rambling about life and loaves here, I reside at Doughtown.com, where you can (sometimes) buy my loaves, read breadlines (aka gluten news) that caught my eye, and discover other goodies. Once upon a time I wrote semi-regularly at Hizknits.com, and you can still find me all over the interwebs under that moniker—hizknits.